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Savannah was in a mood.

She had been out in Oregon helping Paige and Lucas with a case and it had taken a bit longer than she expected it to. So when she checked her e-mail, she didn't really bother to read the one from Portalocity because well, busy.

Of course after three weird side trips and a layover in a place done in colors that she just knew couldn't be anything created by nature, she finally ended up in New York. However, she ended up in a section of New York that she had never seen before.

Calling Johnny didn't do any good as his phone wasn't picking up, so she called for a cab. She finally managed to get home without setting the cab driver on fire and was therefore not in any kind of a mood to be messed with.

The doorman greeted her as usual and happy to see someone friendly, Savannah smiled back at him.

"And how was your trip, Miss Levine?"

"Eventful, but it's good to be home." She headed toward the elevator, the doorman walking with her. "Is Johnny in?"

"Who, ma'am?"

Savannah stopped and gave him a look. "Johnny Storm? Part of the family that owns this building. About so tall and with a devil may care attitude to match?"

The doorman gave her a confused look. "I don't know anyone named Johnny Storm, Miss Savannah."

"You know, after the day I've just had, this is not the time to be making jokes."

A feeling of dread started building as she left the doorman staring after her. This did not bode well.
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