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Savannah was sitting on the bed in her and Johnny's room. After the attempt to talk to Johnny about certain things in her head had gone nothing like she had intended -- and had brought up things she didn't want to think about, she had come back to the room to try to calm all of her emotions again.

She had tried to draw for a little bit because her art always helped her work things out, but so far all she had managed to do were sketches of Johnny as a kid and as a teenager --- and any one else she had come across as kid during the weekend.

Sighing, she set the pad down and reached for the grimoire she had been studying.

Witches cannot be princesses, her four year old self had said to Chris. Witches protect the princesses and others from danger.

She tapped her fingers on the grimoire.

Protecting people she cared about had become a serious thing to her... and since coming to Fandom, that group had increased in size. She tapped on the dark grimoire again. She had some darker witch magic... but there could come a time where that wouldn't be enough power. There was one person she knew that she could talk to about this and ask for help... and he would give it to her.

She looked at her cell phone thoughtfully. Did she dare...?

"Cortez Industries."

"I need to speak to Benecio right away."

"Mr. Cortez is in a meeting and left orders not to be disturbed."

Savannah bared her teeth. "Tell him it's Savannah."

"Yes, Miss Levine."

Within moments, Benecio's voice came across the line. "Savannah! How are you faring at your most unusual school?"

She smiled and relaxed some against the pillows. Thankfully she had been able to tell Benecio some of the things about Fandom without him freaking out too badly. Just the more dangerous stuff she had hidden from him. "Okay, first, when you get the newest credit card bills for mine and Eve's cards, don't freak. I can explain the baby supplies. It was for a class project."

"Thank you for the advance notice," Benecio said. "I would hate to have to... dispatch... your boyfriend."

Savannah laughed. "When did you get so protective, Papa Benecio," she teased, knowing full well he had been like that since they met. "Besides, I'm not quite ready to see what happens when you become a great-grandpapa."

"It would be a most unpleasant experience for your young man," Benecio assured her. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your phone call?"

"I know and I would kind of like to keep Johnny in one piece." Savannah sobered. "I need your help, Papa Benecio. I need to get information... on Sorcerer spells and how Cabals work." She swallowed. "But Lucas can't know and niether can Paige. Hell, they still don't know that Sean is here."

Benecio let out a long sigh. "Why do you need this information, Savannah?"

Savannah bit her lip. "Do you honestly want the full truth or just enough information so that if Lucas and Paige do find out about this you have plausible deniability?" She loved Benecio dearly and the last thing she wanted to do was to cause friction between him and Lucas.

"I want to know if you're in danger," Benecio said.

"Not that I'm aware of," she said honestly. "But after some of the things that have happened, I need to know that side of my heritage. Not just for me, but for people I want to protect, too. And since you can't place someone in Alexandria to give me weekly lessons on this sort of thing, I'm asking you to help me." She took a deep breath. "It's important to me, Benecio." She wondered if she should tell him about the whole being stuck in the past thing. "I can't always rely on other people to protect me if something happens."

Benecio was quiet for a long moment. "That seems reasonable to me," he agreed. "Would Sean be willing to work some lessons with you?"

Savannah let out a relieved breath. "I'm sure he would. I know that he wants me to be safe and able to defend myself if anyone comes after me." She figured that mentioning the Nasts wasn't needed.

"I'll have someone put together some books and scrolls for you," Benecio said. "But, Savannah, you must promise me that you will use the utmost caution."

"I will be as cautious as possible, Papa Benecio," she promised. She was a Levine and a Nast, that she was promising that much was a big thing.

"And if you misuse any of the magic I provide, I will be honor bound to notify Paige and Lucas," he added.

Savannah rolled her eyes. "It's not like I'm going to be shooting ducks out of the pond. And I have a safe practice area that I've been using since I've been here." Now she sounded like a sixteen year old again.

Benecio chuckled. "That is good to hear. I shall have a package couriered to you immediately."

"Thank you, Papa Benecio," Savannah said softly. "I appreciate it more than you know."

"Take care, Savannah."

"You, too. You have to keep in shape to chase those secretaries around your desk," she teased.

"Such talk from a young girl," he replied. "Go study."

Savannah laughed. "I love you, too. Bye, Papa Bear."

She was prudent and hung up before he could react to that last bit. She figured she'd hear all about it in his next e-mail.

[[OOC: Benecio played by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] neurotic_witch.

ETA: Open]]


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