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Savannah let herself into the penthouse apartment silently.

She had been gone longer than she had planned on -- but the last few days had been required so that she could be healed before Johnny saw that she had gotten injured. It had been a tough case, but the bad guy had been taken care of and the Council was focusing on the clean up right now.

Once inside the apartment, she frowned when she saw all of the empty bottles of alcohol laying about. If her job was driving Johnny to the point of drinking this much, then they really needed to have a talk.

She set up a pot of coffee to brew as she cleaned up the outer rooms and got rid of all of the bottles. How did he drink so many? She had only ever seen this much alcohol all in one place when she was in a bar.

When the coffee was done, she poured a cup for both of them and then headed to the bedroom.

A simple spell caused the door to unlatch and push itself open. Her eyes adjusted to the dimness and then Savannah felt a large part of herself rip away in her chest.

Johnny ... her Johnny ... was in their bed with some blonde. The pain in her hands caused her to look down and then drop the coffee cups when she realized she had used a spell in her shock to make them both boil over.

The shattering of the cups caused Johnny to wake up and she watched him look at the blond in confusion and then whip his head to look at her.

"Savannah ..."

She shook her head, eyes burning with tears as she stepped back.

"Baby, don't --"

Savannah turned and ran.

From behind her, she heard Johnny swearing and she kept running, slamming the penthouse door open and leaving it swinging as she made her way to the elevator. She knew that Johnny would most likely get dressed before he took to the air to find her. She had thirty seconds at the most to get downstairs, cast a blur spell and get somewhere she felt safe and he couldn't find her.

When the elevator opened in the lobby, Savannah started running, hitting the street and not even thinking about where she was going as she stuck to the sidewalk so she could cast her spell.

It was dark when Savannah finally decided to stop moving and pull her cellphone out of her pocket. She ignored the messages from Johnny ... and the ones from Sue, too. Her hands were shaking as she managed to pull up her contacts list and push a button to make a call before she did something stupid and tried to keep running away.

[[OOC: For one, and possibly others later. I also need to ponder the icon paid time again...]]
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