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The Seniors (meaning her boyfriend, most of her family, and several friends) were all at the lock in. This meant that Savannah and Sean had no easy excuse not to have dinner with Benecio when he summoned them. This also meant that they had no way of fielding questions by changing the subjects on the pretense of not upsetting Johnny or worrying Eve.

Savannah had met Sean at his place and then they rode up in the elevator to the Presidential Suite. When Troy opened the door, he smiled at the two of them. "It took you long enough," he said as they entered.

"Patience is a virtue, Troy," Savannah said smartly.

"Not when it comes to you it's not," He said with a grin.

"Careful there," Savannah warned, her eyes flashing. "I'm sure Benecio would be put out if he caught me kicking the ass of his top bodyguard."

"Never going to happen, little girl," Troy said. "Don't you know better that to pick fights with people that can crush you like a bug?"

"You just can't get over the ego bashing that you received when I put you in the wall last time we sparred."

Oh, they were off to a wonderful start, weren't they? Savannah really, really hoped she could keep her temper and not get into a fight with Benecio's bodygaurd.

There were people who would be pissed if she was bruised for their graduation the next day.

[[OOC: For the brother and the Cabal Leader]]
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