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Savannah Levine ([personal profile] walks_two_paths) wrote2011-12-12 10:58 am

Secluded Part Of The Beach, Early Monday Morning

Savannah hadn't returned to the Lighthouse after it was deemed safe for all of the refugees to leave the safety of Special Collections. There was the whole thing where she wanted to give Sean and Annja some privacy for their reunion. She'd hated seeing her brother looking so haunted and numb after he lost his wife, and she had been powerless to help him. The least she could do is give them some privacy.

She could see people all around her running about and being happy that they were alive again or excited because they had found out that people they loved were coming back into existence.

It was just like she had told Isabel, the people on the island were always brought back because those were the rules. By her logic, anyway.

God, she was exhausted, mentally and physically.

She wandered down to the beach to climb up onto one of the rocks. She needed some time to get her emotions back under control before she could go anywhere. She wasn't going to ask Wyatt to orb her to New York, because if everything she loved was still gone, she didn't know how she was going to be able to deal with it. Besides, Isabel and Wyatt had loved ones that they needed to check on, as well.

When she heard her phone ringing in her bag, she was almost afraid to answer it.

[[OOC: Open, but the Johnny thread takes place last. Johnny played for me by [livejournal.com profile] snarkyhealer.]]

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