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"You're doing what?"

Savannah sighed as she turned to look at her fiance. "You heard me, Johnny. Paige and Lucas need my help."

"Let them find someone else to do it."

"Johnny, they can't. Their faces are too well known and mine isn't. I can go undercover without any problems to get the information that we need."

"They need, not you. You don't need it for anything." Johnny's face was tight. "I don't know why you still work for them when you don't need the money, Savannah. Between me and your trust fund, you don't havr to work and cvan focus on your art and other things."

"Other things being you?" She shook her head, reaching out to take his hand. "Johnny, we've been through all of this so many times before. I love that you want to take care of me, but I enjoy working and earning my own way. I like helping the supernatural community as a member of the Council and I don't want to touch my trust fund unless I absolutely need to." She ran a hand through his hair. "Besides, when we finally do pick a wedding day, I don't want anyone to say I'm only marrying you for your money."

"Let them say what the hell they want, I don't care. What's the point of having all of this if I can't pamper and spoil the woman that I love?" He pulled her close. "I don't like you doing risky and dangerous stuff like this, Savannah."

"I'm not exactly fond of you putting yourself in danger, either, Johnny."

"It's what I do. I'm a super hero."

She pulled back far enough so that she could tilt her head and look up at him. "And what about me, Johnny? What am I?"

"You're my girl."

"Your girl," she echoed.


Savannah's eyes darkened with hurt and anger as she pulled away from him and turned back to packing.

"Johnny, has it ever occured to you that I might want to be known for the things I do, too?"

"You're an artist with a studio and if you would just pick dates, you could have a show of all of your artwork. You'd be famous in your own right, babe."

She jerked the zipper shut. "An artist who is in a cage and whose fiance won't pick a damn wedding date and hasn't since I graduated."

"I told you! I'll fly us to anywhere to get married whenever you want."

Savannah shook her head. "And what about our friends and family -- the ones that have always stuck by us and believed in us?"

"They won't care." Johnny looked confused that she was arguing about that.

"My mother? Sean? Isabel? Wyatt? Angela? Mary?" Savannah ticked off on her fingers. "You don't think that after everything we have all been through and everything they've seen with us, they don't deserve a chance to see us get married?" She spread her hands. "What about Sue and Reed and Ben? Or Paige, Lucas, Adam and Benecio? The Pack? Even Bryce?"

"Bryce doesn't come anywhere near you," he growled.

"He's my brother!"

"Yeah, and until recently he's wanted you dead your whole life."

Savannah bit her tongue and then sighed. "This is who I am and what I do, love. You knew I was powerful and wanted to help people when you met me."

"And I've seen how many times you've gotten hurt and almost died as a result."

"What about the times that I didn't even know if you were going to survive to come home to me, Johnny? How many times have you gone on missions with only a message to tell me what was happening and why you were gone?"

"That's different." He said in his cocky way that both drove her crazy and she loved.

"How is it different?"

"It's not you going undercover to get information on a damn Cabal!"

Savannah was silent for a moment as she looked at him. "Is it me going undercover to help out or the fact that I'm not hiding that I'm a witch and a sorcerer from the public?" Her voice was soft, but there was pain in it. Obviously this was not a new thought to her.

Johnny reached for her again. "Savannah, baby, I love you. I've never minded that you were a witch."

"Unless it brings me into direct conflict with what you want for me."

"Savannah ..."

She sighed. "Johnny, I have to go. I promised Paige I would be there to help out. I'll be back in a couple of days and we can sit down and talk about all of this."

"If you come back." He bit out.

"I always come back to you, no matter what happens."

Johnny didn't say anything, just pulled her to him and kissed her hard. When he finally broke the kiss, Savannah was left reeling and trying to catch her breath.

"You do this and then you come back. We have some decisions that need to be made."

"Both of us have that to do, Johnny," she said quietly.

"Do you need me to take you?"

She shook her head. "Benecio is sending a jet to pick me up."

"Benecio. Of course he did."

"Johnny ..."

He shook his head. "No, not right now." He pulled her to him to kiss her again. "I love you, Savannah. Come home safe to me so we can decide where our future is going to go."

"I love you, too, Johnny."

Even after she was on the jet and headed to Oregon, Savannah couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that something was very wrong.
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