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Savannah was 21 today.

Huh. The time sure passed rather quickly when you weren't paying attention to it.

To celebrate today she had, well, nothing much. She had pondered dinner and that led to thinking about movies and then working on a new painting when inspiration surprisingly struck her.

Which was why she was now sitting on the couch with one of her favorite movies in the background, dressed in her pajamas with her sketchbook on her lap.

She'd party when she figured out what to do.

[[OOC: Open for calls, texts, visits, gift deliveries! SP is love as I forgot the date. :D]]
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Savannah hadn't been able to sleep very well during the night, so about three a.m., she had given up. Getting dressed and brushing her hair back, she had gone out jogging and then returned home. After getting a shower and putting a pot of coffee on, she went into her studio and just tried to lose herself in her painting for a little while.

There had been too mnay goodbyes in her life the last few months and the fact that she knew the hardest was coming up didn't help matters. True, there would be more visits now, but that didn't make having to say goodbye for even a small span of time any easier.

And so, she painted. She didn't think or plan, she just moved paint to canvas.

[[OOC: For the BFF and housemate.]]


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