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Savannah couldn't sleep. She hadn't slept much during the night and then after hearing the announcements/radio broadcast, she knew that wasn't going to change. After leaving a note to let Angela know where she had gone, she picked up one of her bags and wandered slightly away from the main area and away from her tent to find a quiet toadstool to hide beneath.

With everything that had happened in the last forty-eight hours, it wouldn't be so surprising except that she needed the rest. She had been running on adrenaline all day and had expended more of her energy than she should have by doing too much magic without enough rest or food. She knew better, but in retrospect, she knew that she wouldn't have made any other choice. She was a witch and a sorcerer, with a bit of demon blood thrown in. She had the power and with that power, she took a responsibility upon herself.

Yesterday had not been a good day. She had looked around at the people who had survived and she wanted to rage and cry because there should have been so many more in here.

Sean had lost Annja, and she wasn't sure if her brother would ever recover from this. He loved her deeply and to lose her like that, well, Savannah knew how he must be feeling. Her mother had lost Adam. She knew that Eve would try to shut down her emotions so that Savannah couldn't see them, but she would know. Adam had been the second guy her mom had loved and she had lost both of them.

And then they had lost Wyatt. She did her best to give some support and encouragement to Isabel, and didn't know if she had helped any. God, she hoped she had. The problem was that talking to Isabel about Wyatt had reminded Savannah about her own loss of Johnny and it had taken everything she had not to break down.

Because she wouldn't and she couldn't. It was too much and she was afraid that if she let herself break down, she would never stop.

She reached into her bag and pulled out her sketchbook, holding it close to her before she took a deep breath and opened it up. There were so many sketches in here of so many things that would only be memories now. She flipped the sketchbook to the middle and stared down at the page. Johnny. It was a series of sketches she had done shortly after arriving back in Fandom. She had been afraid that she would forget him with the way things were going and she never wanted to do that.

She hadn't stopped with just Johnny, though. She flipped the pages and saw images she had sketched of Chris, Summer, Paige, Lucas, Elena, Clayton, Adam, Benecio, and Bryce. All images of people that didn't exist any longer.

And now, she had a list of people that she needed to add after the last two days. K-Mart, Anders, Hope, Annja, Adam and Wyatt.

Swallowing hard, she turned to a fresh sheet and started to sketch a portrait of Wyatt. It gave her something to try to focus on and for right now, it kept her from giving in to the desire to curl up and just cry for a good long time.

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